Automatic One Click Driver Update

Your PC’s old drivers might be causing some unknown problems and affecting its performance. You can solve it by keeping all your PC’s drivers and software updated.

Windriver Tool lets you update all your old and outdated PC drivers with just a single click. With the Automatic One-Click Driver Update, you won’t have to worry about manually updating your driver; Windriver Tool will update your device’s drivers for you.

Performance Booster

Tired of a slow-performing PC and don’t know the reason? Windriver Tool can help boost your PC’s performance easily to give you an optimal performance.

With Windriver Tool’s Performance Booster, your device will perform faster and smoother. Windriver Tool removes all the unwanted files and folders from your PC, updates your drivers, upgrades your software, and offers you a boosted performance.


Windriver Tool’s Features


Device Management

Manage all your device’s software, drivers, and all the other aspects of your PC.

Task Management

See what tasks are being performed in the background, edit, manage and end them with ease.

App Management

App Management lets you manage the software and applications of your PC in one place.

Choose Windriver Tool for a Healthy PC