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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Windriver Tool?

    Windriver Tool is an award-winning driver updater, driver upgrader, PC performance booster software, or tool that updates your PC’s drivers and gives you a problem-free PC performance.

  • How to use Windriver Tool?

    Using the Windriver Tool is as easy as using any other Windows software, if not easier. With easy-to-use buttons and features, 1-button click updates, and maintenance Windriver Tool is one of the easiest applications/ software to use.

  • How does Windriver Tool work?

    Windriver Tool works by updating all your old and outdated drivers in your Windows PC that might be slowing down your PC’s performance or causing one or the other kind of problems. Outdated drivers may also cause some unknown problems that you usually may not be able to find the root cause of. Windriver Tool helps you update all your drivers and keep them up to date automatically; it also offers you many other features.

  • How do I uninstall my Windriver Tool?

    To uninstall your Windriver Tool, you need to go to your Control Panel and look for the software called Windriver Tool. Once you find it, you just need to click on it and then click on Uninstall to remove the software from your device.

  • Can using Windriver Tool affect my PC’s performance, network speed, and other PC aspects?

    No, Windriver Tool is an award-winning, performance-tested software for Windows PC and devices. It does not affect your PC’s performance or slow down your network speed. On the contrary, it improves your PC’s performance and boosts your network speed.

Quick Support Resources

Virtual Service Center: Our Customer Support Executive is available at your service 24*7 for information related to purchased software or services provided by WinDriver Tool.

Remote Support: The team of our competent professionals are have tremendous experience on resolving computer system related issues with L1, L2 and L3 Support with popular Remote Support Software such as LMI or Team Viewer.

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  • Setting up new printer
  • Printer troubleshoot,
  • Print spooler
  • Speaker not connecting
  • No sound in the system
  • Paper jam
  • Keyboard or mouse not working

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